I was invited to take part in a group show by professional illustrators in Iceland. The show is called Phobophobia and is a themed show where everybody picked a phobia to illustrate. I had been wanting to do a Viking illustration so I picked Xenophobia, since it is the root of a lot of conflict through the ages, it is a good excuse to get to paint vikings. I wanted these guys to be more low life hooligans, than noble chieftains. The show is at Bio Paradis in Reykjavik and will be up until March 30th.

Here is a link to the facebook page for the show


and here you can see the different pieces and buy prints of the illustrations in the show….



Waterfall in Kjalarnes

Waterfall in Kjalarnes painted from life and a few touches added in the studio this winter. I’m leaving it “unfinished” and sketchy. I had sat down to paint a bridge, but this small and insignificant waterfall called out to me and I forgot about painting the bridge.