New site

I finally moved my blog to a self hosted site. It is now under the blog tab on my portfolio site, Going forward, this site will no longer be updated.


Fallen tree in snow

It is time to get this going again. It’s been almost a year since I posted anything here. It has been a fun and busy year with the birth of my son last summer. Here is a plein air oil sketch that I did just before the record breaking snow melted up here in New England.

Ogunquit Beach

Here is a watercolor sketch from my new neighborhood. After living in landlocked Atlanta for 2 years, I’m enjoying spending time at the beach. My oil colors are still with the movers but I brought my watercolors along to use in case of emergency painting withdrawal.


Decatur Postcard

I love to paint quick “plein air” oil sketches of my surrondings. After 2 years in Decatur, GA, I had accumulated a number of sketches with no real outlet for them besides this sketchblog. When I saw that the town had a juried competition for a postcard design, I put 6 of my sketches together into a design. My design won, and now the postcard is being sold around Decatur. The design includes this painting of a mill tower by the falls in Lullwater park on the grounds of Emory Collage. That is the only painting I didn’t post here yet, even though I worked on it a while ago.



Bridge at Decatur Waterworks

Atlanta and Decatur have an abundance of little parks to discover. Since I’m moving away soon I organized a final painting excursion with a friend of mine. We found an old stone bridge which interestingly was spared all tagging and graffiti that was found on other structures in this park.
Bridge at DecaturWaterworks

Bridge at waterworks

43rd World Wide Sketchcrawl

Saturday was the 43rd world wide Sketchcrawl. The plan was to meet in Piedmont park on a drizzly afternoon, this time I only saw one other sketcher. It was a nice day out and a welcome break from portfolio gathering and resume writing. I have long wanted to paint this old bridge that brings the Beltline through the park. One time I looked up and saw this tiny crawler on my canvas. This inchworm blended perfectly into the painting, and then I knew I had done pretty well with my color mixtures. By the time the next Sketchcrawl comes around, I may well be in another city where I hope to continue the Sketchcrawl tradition.
Piedmont Inchworm


Trees in Neighbor’s Yard

Here is a oil sketch I did a little while ago. These are two beautiful trees in my neighbor Charles’ front yard. I thought I might revisit it to finish, but I like the sketchiness of it. Besides, it is always more fun to just start a new one.Charles' Trees

Sketchcrawl 42

A group of sketchers met at the Oakland cemetery in Atlanta for Sketchcrawl 42. It was a cold day even though the sun was shining. I managed to do a quick watercolor and pencil sketch of a tomb before a few of us retreated to a cafe to warm up and sketch indoors where I pulled out my ipad and did a quick study of a coffee cup using Artrage.

Snow in Iceland

Here is another travel sketch. This one was done looking out the window of the house I grew up in and where I’m staying in Iceland over the holidays. This one was done using Procreate on the iPad mini with a Wacom iPad stylus.