Sketchcrawl 41

The 41st international sketchcrawl was this Saturday. This time we met at the campus of Emory university. I brought my oils and set up to paint in the picturesque quad. There was light rain falling and I was joined by one other sketcher.


Afternoon at Lullwater

Last weekend I went to my favorite painting spot in my neighborhood armed with my painting gear and a square canvas. The sun was coming in and out of clouds while I painted which meant less painting time and more breaks in between. I was pretty exited to see a big old turtle emerge from the water a couple of times.




Boat in Portsmouth

I’ve been travelling around the east coast on my summer break. I brought my travel paint kit with me and was able to do this quick oil sketch of a fishing boat on a foggy afternoon in Portsmouth New Hampshire.


Tree in Decatur Cemetary

This is a oil sketch that I did in Decatur Cemetary this weekend. It was warm and sunny and I figured the only way to survive without melting in the sun was to find reliable shade. I was looking for some cool angel statues to paint when I came upon a nice shaded spot under this tree where I planted my easel.






Cannon sketch

Here is a cannon that I sketched on my lunch break in Decatur square. It is a fun challenge to attempt to complete an oil sketch in less than an hour. It really makes you pick your strokes carefully and think ahead but also staying loose and intuitive, because you don’t have time to think too much.


Sketchcrawl 39 – Downtown Decatur


20130413-182636.jpgMet with fellow sketchers today to participate in the 39th Worldwide Sketchcrawl, representing Atlanta and Decatur.

I brought my oil paints and completed a small oil sketch of a street corner in Decatur. Our sketchcrew of 4 was unexpectedly joined by Thomas Jefferson who displayed an amazingly steady hand at drawing, and posed with us for a picture. 🙂

Fallen tree at Lullwater

A recent oil sketch from Lullwater park. While painting this I suffered double equipment failure. Both a part of my easel and my camping chair broke so the last few strokes were painted with me standing and holding the pochade box. I really liked the lead white oil ground I prepared this canvas with. The colors do not stain the canvas at all and it is easy to wipe off, yet the surface receives the paint easily enough. I did however find myself using softer long hair brushes more.